About Us

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History of Beginning

Discount4ever.com began in 2010. After years in the hosting industry, we realized that it was near impossible for the average Behnam or Peyman to create their own website. Traditional web hosting services were simply too complicated, time consuming, and expensive to manage.


We created the Discount4ever.com with the user’s perspective in mind. We keep it simple, so users can focus on shopping in an amazing website that offers many brands products. Best of all – it’s Discounts. You can get online, purchasing your desire brand, or start our affiliate marketing program and make money right away.

What we really do?

After seeing an increased need for ecommerce solutions, we developed one of the only fully-featured, easy and commission-based affiliate marketing program. Bloggers, Influencers and every other peoples, allowing start business as wholesales or drop-shipping program.


Today, we’re proud to create a community empower individuals and small business owners around the world. Everyone in all around a world deserves the best services and we’re excited to serving you.


Since 2010, Discount4ever has envisioned a branded global eCommerce ecosystem, where consumers around the globe can shop directly with their favorite brands and enjoy a shopping experience that makes them feel right at home.

To make our vision a reality, our mission is to build the most powerful global eCommerce platform in the world. No matter where the shopper is located, if a brand is based in another country, the shopper’s experience can still feel local and familiar. From pricing to payments, shipping to returns, we use our technology to bring brands and shoppers closer together, making the world feel like a smaller place.

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